Three Chords and the Truth

Track Listing (Click a title to learn each song's story):

+ 1. Never Too Late

I think we are all dreamers, but, too many times, we live our lives telling ourselves that we can't do something because of our limitations. Instead of making choices about what we really want out of life, we eliminate alternatives rather than make choices about our lives. Everyday, we are blessed with this life. We all have the opportunity to make a choice to change our lives, to make it better in some way, or to help make the lives of someone else better. It's never too late.

+ 2. Must Be Love

Yes, it must be. When you can't decide if you're happy or sad, up or down, in pain or the most sublime joy.... It must be love.

+ 3. BBQ

This song really does speak for itself. It's all about the BBQ. Hot, spicy, juicy, sweet, and tasty BBQ. I played this song for my Mother a few times before she said, "Donny, you know, you could take this song a couple of different ways". To this day, I'm still not sure I know what she meant.

+ 4. Home

I wrote this song just after my father passed away. We all knew the inevitable was coming for a few years prior to his death. Every day I was out working, traveling, and building a business career, I kept wondering why I was doing it. I was chasing some dream that I wasn't even sure I wanted anymore. All I wanted was to just step back in time to when my parents were young and strong, and I was a boy growing up in Alabama. A fantasy, for sure, but nostalgia for the days of our youth is a powerful energy. If you listen to the words of this song closely, you will understand my bit of nostalgia for a time and place that we all call HOME.

+ 5. Birmingham

Growing up, my brother, Steve, and I were very close. We would play and sing together all of the Southland, during one of the greatest periods for American Music in the last 50 years (in my opinion). My younger brother died a couple of years ago. I'll never forget the night I got the call that he was passing after a along illness. He was waiting for a lung transplant that never came. He was a kind, unselfish, and giving man even after his death. I was told his eyes went to a young girl who was also awaiting a transplant.

Many times people ask me how I write songs. What comes first? Music or lyrics? Where do the ideas come from? This is one of the songs that just leapt out of my consciousness as I sped down a dark, rainy highway traveling from NC to Alabama. I couldn't stop it. This song wrote itself.

It is songs like this that make me appreciate whatever small gift I have with my music. I still can't sing this song without a small tear in my eye, remembering Stevie. This song is for my brother and the story is true.

+ 6. Born Again

This is a fun song for me. It's about the life changing transition that a good woman can bring to a "not so good" man's life.
I know a lot of men who live the kind of life this songs describes and were "born again" and saved by the love of a good woman. Thankfully, I am one of those men.

+ 7. Three Chords and the Truth

When I came home from my first recording sessions in Nashville, I was awed at the level of talent that I was surrounded by. As well all do sometimes, I was feeling a little not up to the task of working with such great talent. John Willis, a great Nashville musician, sat me down, and we talked about how a meaningful song does not have to be about complicated notes and chord progressions. Sometimes, it just takes three chords... and the truth. That is what most great country songs are about.

In the middle of the night, this song poured out of me. The biggest problem was cutting all of the lyrics down to 3 minutes. I wasn't successful at that part, but I did manage to get it down to just over 4 minutes.