Songs From The Heart


Track Listing (Click a title to learn each song's story):

+ 1. That's What Love Can Do

I wrote this song for my daughter Remy. I'll never forget the night she came to me thanking me for the love and family we were all creating together after the divorce of her parents, which understandably was a traumatic time. Her Father is now happily married to a wonderful artist and I have found the love of my life with her Mom. We all spend time together on vacations and holidays - kind of unusual for a divorce to turn out good ... But, that's what love can do.

+ 2. My Heart in Your Hands

I wrote this song for my oldest daughter, Kyla. She and I have had a challenging and rewarding relationship throughout our entire lives, sometimes more challenging than rewarding. I do know that for whatever reason God placed us together in this lifetime that it was meant to be. No matter how difficult relationships can sometimes be between a father and a daughter. She has the most special place in my heart and neither of us can run from that no matter how rocky the road may be. She will always have my heart in her hands.

+ 3. Superman

I know this is a common theme in my songs, but I also know that there is nothing greater than love. With love all things are possible, this is just another of my ways to say it.

+ 4. Ready For Love

I wrote this song while I was staying in a very rustic cabin high in the hills of Northern California overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a magical time of beauty and discovery. I had spent so many years searching for something I couldn't describe or find. When it did finally show up in my life, all the lights came on. It was then that I began to understand the freeing power of surrender and I was ready for love.

+ 5. Do It Again

My life has not always been easy, but it has been a very good life. I'd do it again... with Alexandra.

+ 6. Angel in My House

I wrote this song for my daughter Claire when she was graduating from high school, and going through a very tough time in her life. We were all having a lot of challenges about our place in life and the transitions that we were going through, but I knew that a very special time in our life was passing and my daughter was leaving for the next phase of her life. I knew the "Angel sleeping in my house" was leaving. Since that time, we have had two more of our children graduate, and leave for college. This song has always been the one that brings the bitter sweet tears to our lives when our children transition and leave our home.

+ 7. I'm Gonna Love you

Life can sometimes be tough. I wrote this song for my wife and all my children. I wanted them to know that as I celebrate their independence and the life journey that they are on, they will always have someone who they can count on and someone who will love them always unconditionally. I love the lyrics to this song, and, sometimes, I still cry when I sing it.