A Gift of Love


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+ 1. Emmanuel

I consider myself a story teller. In this song, I have taken the opportunity to re-tell one of the greatest stories ever written. The story needs no explanation. It is the story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus,
The name Emmanuel can be interpreted as "God is with us".

I wrote "Emmanuel" a couple of years ago, and produced a CD that I sent out to many families and friends as a Christmas card. The song was very well received and I have had a number of requests to reissue this song since many people lost the CD somewhere - along with all those Christmas ornaments that seem to go missing after taking down the tree each year.This year I am re-releasing the song in digital form and it is my gift to all of you.

"Emmanuel" is a very special composition for me. I've always wanted to write a Christmas song that families would sit down together and enjoy each year during the holidays. There are so many Christmas standards but, admittedly, many of them have become a little tired. I was hoping to write something new that families would embrace at this special time of year.

Admittedly, this song is a bit long for our age of 3 minute song bytes, but I hope you will take 7 minutes and really listen to the beautiful music and even more beautiful message in this song.

Today, we live in a different world than the one in which I grew up. There is so much anger, fear and hatred. This is nothing new, but it seems to be so all pervasive now. With the advent of the digital environment we have at our fingertips, there are so many voices shouting that their voice is the only voice and their opinion is the only one that should be heard. I don't agree with that idea. I believe WE are all children of God and no matter our belief system we all want the same things - To love and be loved, to see our children happy and prosperous, to live without fear, to have food and shelter.

I also realize that there are some people who may see this as a naive perspective, but this song is a message of LOVE. Loving one another. Caring for one another. Being patient and tolerant of one another. Being more gentle and understanding of one another. We need more love today. Meditate and pray on that.

I believe God is with us at all times and in all ways and in all places. I hope you will enjoy the music and the message of "Emmanuel".